Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Brit Wars...


Anonymous said...

How amusing. Gordon Brown is a Scottish MP, elected in Scotland, by Scots. As is the Scottish Chancellor. Tony Blair is also Scottish, as was the previous MP in charge of the Forces.
Nice one, Scotland. Your politicians fucked up the economy and sucked up Bush's arse so much they sacrificed English lives to fund the fucked up Scottish economy - the one that gets more from British taxes than you pay in.
In England, Scottish MPs forced through thousands of pounds of debt on only English students. They forced through Foundation Hospitals. They prevented our elderly, sick and dying from obtaining the same medical care they provide the Scots. They charge the English the highest in stealth taxes and give them the least back in funding.
What a bunch of fucking murdering wankers you are.
And still you blub. Only the Scots could whinge about their political and financial favouritism.
And still the Scots pile into England to sit in what should be OUR Parliament.
Arseholes. You need a fucking good kicking.

Firefox said...

You spineless fucking coward.