Monday, May 02, 2005

The Election Cometh

The gap between the previous post and this one is rather large. In between then and now I've been writing my debut Sci-fi novel, Rock X and let this go a wee bit. You can click on a link to the right to go and read it.

The UK election on thursday is ultimately pointless for Scotland. The devolved powers of the parliament means that most of the policies discussed are meaningless.

My own view is that come the end of it, regardless of who gets in, we'll end up invading someone else. I've been attending most of the anti-war demos in Glasgow. How Scotland ended up fighting another crusade, despite most people's objections I'll never know.

I'm voting for the SSP this election, and am notionally a member now, but managed to avoid the who circus of wandering aimless around Cumbernauld with leaflets after I agreed to do my webmaster thing on a Glasgow Animal Rights Website.

Here is actually what happens when you do that whole electioneering business. I've done it with the SNP, and I've done it with the SSP.

"Hi there, can I...?"
"No." Door slams.

Or the far more polite

"I'm not sure... I'll think about it..."

It's all decided in the press. Unfortunately you can't have party members milling about doing nothing, so it keeps everyone busy. It's pointless, but at least the members are busy.

Now, since the SNP managed to fuck up the independence movement by doing it's impression of a nail bomb, there are numerous parties standing all over Scotland to get independence.

The Free Scotland Party
The Scottish Independence Party
The Green Party
The Scottish Socialist Party
The Scottish National Party

as well as one campaign group (Independence First) and a new party I can't mention because it's still at planning stage (as well as the miniscule detail I'm not supposed to know about it).

Some wag might point out that if they all joined up under the one banner, the Scottish Independence (which I'm very much in agreement with) movement would be a leviathan of political influence. Brave people... Really brave people. Half these people don't like each other, most want power they're not going to get acting as Splinter Cells.

My prediction for Thursday's Election is for what will be descibed as "Tory Inroads" into Labour's vote. I suspect they'll win, and part of me wants them to, so I can read about Jack McConnell squirming when being called by Michael "Dracula" Howard in reference to some piece of legislation.

Why? I dislike the Tories as much as I dislike Labour, and think there's "Something of the night" about all of them. True power for Scotland comes through Independence. If I get to hear about Brits squirming because of Brits... I'm happy.