Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I thought I'd indulge my creative juices and publish a poem I had written...

Ebony Sun

Dust Spiral
The dark clouds whither
Echoes of silent approach
The Ruby-red crystal hills
Those shiny, umbilical
Archaic Babel Towers.

I can’t sleep,
In Merlin’s Prison -
A Royal Baby’s whim cast,
Set in unbreakable glass
A rock-stare in negative
Fixed at an Ebony Sun.

Astral Breath
My sonic mindscape
I dream of my place at the lake
Where my heroes exist
To talk on the eternal lawn
Where at night I can see Orion.

Locked here,
Crucified as Coal,
Crushed for too many years,
Until captured, cut, displayed
Bedizen my crystal clock
A speck inside this crimson prison

Sister moon,
She prayed, she preyed and
I forgive her still the whim
Of her lust which cast me here
A mind backward through time
Set in unbreakable glass.