Sunday, January 21, 2007

Ministry of Security

That has a nice ring to it doesn't it? "Ministry of Security" - it's the first time in real life I've read a news story and wondered if the writers of "V for Vendetta" and George Orwell saw a script for the future and wrote their stuff to warn us about new labour.

John Reid's proposals are to create two new ministries from the ashes of his failed tenure in the Home Office. "Security" dealing with MI5 and Immigration and "Justice" dealing with prisoners and pretty much everything else.

This is a scary idea, particularly when you remember that immigration and defence are amongst the "reserved" issues of the Scotland Act. Typically New Labour in the Vichy Parly don't allow debates on reserved issues. You get the odd Motion from the SSP / Solidarity and occasionally from the SNP but those "motions" you often seen forwarded are usually about as much use a fishnet condom.

This is one of my recent favourites:

S2M-05356 Ms Rosemary Byrne (South of Scotland) (Sol): That the Parliament believes that the Royal Regiment of Scotland should use the highest quality woollen cloth for its tartan; is concerned that there is a shortage of kilts for the army at present; notes that EU rules insist on competitive international tendering for the supply of goods worth more than £300,000 which could result in the cheapest and most inferior product being chosen, and calls on the Ministry of Defence to announce when the trialling of kilts for the Royal Regiment will end and to ensure that every consideration is given to the contract to supply kilts to the Royal Regiment of Scotland being kept in Scotland.
It's a good sentiment, and it will all be for nought. It makes Rosemary (and presumably anyone who signs it a certain degree of kudos, but you shouldn't be fooled that it actually means anything. Which brings me to my point: If the Home Office is split and we get our scary new V-for-Vendetta britain with it's Spook Ministry what, if anything, is the Vichy Parly going to do except look at each other frowning? But more importantly, are our Political Parties actually going to anything more substantial against developments like this, or against attacks against immigrants, or against ID cards than write a terse letter in parliament or put forward a "motion"?

What with the endless war in Iraq, ID Cards, refinancing a Nuclear Deterrent; it's clear the scare tactics employed by GB & TB aren't just wrong, they're hypocritical. The British State need euthanasia by fair means preferably, but by foul if that isn't possible.

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