Monday, October 29, 2007

J'accuse Freddie Windsor...

Royal correspondents in the "Royal Blackmail" story seem to think that Lord Frederick Windsor is the prime candidate for the target of the "sex act" blackmail on a junior member of the Royal Family.

A poster on Kevin Williamsons blog seems to think that "Sex Act" equates to one of Fergie's brats. I doubt it, because "sex act" in the tabloids almost always translates as "blow job". Factor that it with Lord Freddie already being openly gay, and a user of Cocaine (mentioned in original Sunday Times article). The "blow job" could easily be one of the Fergie girls, but the small price of the blackmail: £50,000 factored in with Freddies gayness and admission of cocaine use leads most thinkers towards him.

Being the staunch republican I am, it's always pleasant to note which Royals want to assassinate each other, shag each other and generally misrepresent the common people who make Scotland great.


michael greenwell said...

it is actually all rather amusing

Firefox said...

Actually it appears as if I was wrong. Although I was right that some Royal Watchers had speculated that it was Freddie, the Australian Media has now suggested it suspects Viscount Linley (son of the Queen's sister Margaret).

I find anything funny when it exposes those inbred, sponging bastards for what they are: an irreconcilable blot of the face of scottish democracy.