Monday, October 15, 2007

Risk Factor: Cannabis...

I was browsing the interweb, and found this rather weird website documenting (seriously) some "notable names" and general biogs thereof. Fair enough. Then I noticed on Kirsten Dunst's biog the term: "Risk Factor: Cannabis". In addition they provide a helpful definitive list of Hollywood A-list Dopeheads:

My personal favourite surprises on this list were Tony Bennett and Ted Bundy. Clearly Ted had either smoked too much or not nearly enough. It's that balance that's the bitch, obviously.

From what I can tell, it seems that if you're a creative type, smoke more weed, but if you're political you're fucked.

I guess it's slightly ironic then that the main political party "pro" cannabis was the one which got paranoid about who was sleeping with who, when, if they paid for it, whether they'd go to jail or not and how they don't speak anymore. Ach... poor SSP. The same thing happened with the Beatles. Too much weed and then bring sex into the mix. Bad shinto happens.... And lets be honest, neither Wings nor John Lennon's solo career was as good the Beatles. Be honest.

Still, this isn't an anti-cannabis rant. I've tried it. It wasn't as good as alcohol, but I'm not sure I'd sign a petition about how offensive / inoffensive it is. I'm not sure what this is...

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