Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Council Tax Freeze...

Houston, we have a problem...

No, no, no: yes the SNP administration managed to get a freeze on the level of Council Tax in the Scottish Parliament. The Local Authorities wanted it, the workers wanted it, you: Joe or Josephine McPublic wanted it... We were all in a groovy state of symbiosis and loveliness that no-one should tramp on. Yet there was something that me and my colleagues started wondering about...

You see, I'm a Council Tax worker. No, I haven't a problem with that and yes, you probably shouldn't whine so much, but the problem with the "freeze" is that there may well be no freeze. What we started thinking about, was the 'hidden' portions of your Council Tax bill.

Let me walk you through it. The "budget" froze the Council Tax. But your bill is made up of three elements: Council Tax Charge and Water and Sewerage Charges. The latter two are governed by Scottish Water who are, allegedly, desperate to make rises and what with the Councils not making a rise, may well use the opportunity to make a bigger rise since the press only focusses on the Council Tax portion of your bill.

I checked the online documents, and may well have missed something, but from what I can tell you may well STILL be paying more on your Council Tax bill because Water and Sewerage Charges MAY rise. I'll know more by monday, because on Friday the system is down for rebilling. By Monday / Tuesday I'll know for sure.

Stay tuned.

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