Friday, February 16, 2007

Entertainment Tonight from the Firefox Chronicles!

You've got to admire how little of a fuck the Italians give about foreign countries. Can you imagine Union Jack McConnell sending diplomats from their Edinburgh embassay to trial?

It's interesting to walk through the mire of propaganda and realise how little you know. On another board, people were discussing this article about this tv show. Then a comrade mentioned an article which discussed the politics of Joel Surnow, the creator of 24.

How can someone like myself, Socialist, Republican and fully paid-up Independentista dig the torture and human rights abuses by anti-Hero Jack Bauer? Partly it's because I don't like programs like Shameless or Skins. I live in an urban environment, some of my mates have jobs, some don't, some people have sex, some don't, sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. What I don't want to watch is some crappy TV rip-off of real life to remind me what I either SHOULD be doing, or how someone else is wandering aimlessly about their lives in THEIR way.

Take the office. I WORK in an office. I know people who dug the office because "it's just like in here." Aye, of course... How fucking self-involved is that? It's the same self-involved shinto that goes own when people justify - seriously - their own family nightmares being "just like the Simpsons."

I like different. I'm not going to go home from my job to watch TV and someone else going to THEIR job. It's why I broke "The Sims" CD in half twenty minutes after I put the fucking thing in my PC.

Typically, I like 24 and Jack Bauer because it is conservative propaganda. It's reverse psychology for me. It's a fantasy poll on torture in the modern era. It's also the only show (aside from Battlestar Galactica) which try to use those old Bogart-style alpha male characters. I like flawed genuis's and anti-heroes rather than your average wet metrosexual postcard man who's got all the charisma of your average second division player.

I'll update you (since you asked) about work on MY novel. It's almost done. I've two chapters to finish and bearing in a mind a cursory spell-check and etc it's done.

When it's done I'll be redesigning the blog and including it on the right hand side. This is because I'm putting it up on along with the photobook I put up there a while ago.

Rock X (pronounced rock ex and not rock ten as Karen in my work suggested at one point...) is a science fiction comedy in which the two main characters, Max and Kaz battle their way through various parallel universes to save their main compadre: YOU. Yep. You've gone missing and unless Max and Kaz find you all sorts of bad and unspecified things might happen. You got that right YOU are in my book. You've had sex with all the persons you've ever wanted and felt warm and squishy in several different parallel universes.

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