Sunday, February 11, 2007

Glencoe Comment

I'd like to take this opportunity to put my "official" SRSM hat on and thank all members and friends who attended this joint event. I also thank you all for your patience with the traffic problems which caused the delay in the Glasgow contigents arrival.

Special thanks to Zed who gave a memorable and welcome speech. Thanks to Jim for piping for us (at pretty short notice as well I believe). Thanks to the Siol, Na Fir Dileas, Crann Tara and even the contingent from Embra Indy First who showed up. I've more than likely forgotton someone; best way to remedy that is to PM me who i've forgotten so that I can pretend I remember later on...

Donald was missed as he's currently skiving in hospital. We missed his historical input and personality. I'm sure he was sorry to miss the scattering of Dave Leadbetter's ashes (as well as a certain other event that happens at the end).

I'd also like to (publicly) thank Mr. Miles. Donald has been dealing with MM in helping to rebuild the SRSM Flag collection after a theft last year. If it wasn't for Mr Miles we simply wouldn't HAVE a flag collection right now. I'm not sure whether he would like be thanked or not, but he's been brilliant in helping us.

Most importantly, we were there to pay tribute to the dead of Glencoe and all others who have died because of tyranny in this country. We do it because we refuse to forget. We also refuse to consign those people to a history book. They were our brothers and sisters, and EVERYONE who turns up, does so because they recognise this.

We marched in silence. Well... you did. I didn't. I could hear Republicans marching alongside Jacobites alongside Socialists and alongside ordinary people. It should be incompatible. But it's not. Most of us believe in Independence. And we all were there for the same purpose. That, to me, was louder than the usual music we have playing when we march to the Glencoe monument.
Everyone there should be immensely proud. People were marching, some of whom want different types of an independent Scotland. But we all have the same respect for our ancestors, and I believe, for each other. I think the old Siol slogan (not sure who came up with it) "To act when words go unheeded" is most appropriate here.

I didn't get the chance to speak to everyone as much as I'd have liked, but I'll see you all somewhere else and make up for it.

I wanted to get a couple of things off my chest and "officially" thank you all.

Appendix: You won't recognise some of the names in this post. Use the links and investigate.

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