Sunday, April 15, 2007

Arbroath Smokin'

Today was the Arbroath Rally. As always the pub was better organised than the march and rally beforehand. Jacobiker (who occasionally stops by my blog) I can only apologise. He's the most dedicated guy for Scottish Culture I know and missed the boozing session where we were REALLY organised. I think I owe the guy more than a few drinks. In fairness that's true for the rest of the planet but I'll gloss over that one.

Naturally the weegie contingent were late. But we partied hardy until we left for Weegie Land. Then I got home. Eventually.

Hopefully my camera worked. I still haven't quite gotten around to working out how to rewind the smegger, but that'll have to wait until the morra. There IS a manual. But the camera is from the 60s, is Russian and none of the controls are in English. If you're expecting pictures in the next few days, unless some of the Chronciles Maryhill readers send me photos, I wouldn't hold your breaths...

I heard more than I my fair share about scurrilous rumours I heard at said event. I'm so pissed off I'm tempted to share... Since we don't have myspace "how am I feeling today?" capabilities here in the chronicles, I'll just have to take you through my emotions and you can guess: first I was disheartened, then I was resigned, then I got angry, penultimately I got REALLY angry and finally I went postal on a Richmond Superking Methol Cigarette (which did my bronchitis no good whatsoever).

I had one of those moments I rarely get where a few people said: "Do you have a Blog? Is it ra Chronicles?" So hello to my extra two readers... Commendments on your excellent choice in blog reading!

Next major Republican Socialist event is May Day. We're intending to show up and march with oor flags. This event is naturally going to be hoaching with Labourites and Trade Unionists who are wondering who the dudes in Kilts and Red shirts are with the Red Flags marching like paramilitaries.

How can YOU FF Chronicles Bloggerinos take part? Easy. Wear a red top. Find dudes at the May Day Rally in Glasgow (whenever the hell it is) carrying flags you can see on the left and go and say hello. Don't worry, I know it can be difficult meeting new people, but we're really nice... honest. Well... I say that. I am. Ish. Look look look, come and say hello. Say you read the Firefox Chronicles and that Kenny invited you. They're treat you well and someone will give you a swig from their hip flask. What more can I offer... free alcohol!

Why... why go somewhere where there's likely to be a lot of pissed off Shop Stewards and Labour Politicians? I bet you're thinking: "My, Mr. Kenny, that so totally doesn't sound even remotely appealing. Why for are the SRSM going along to May Day?" Well, my inquizitive Bloggerinos, going to May Day is a bit like shagging Jordan. You know you don't want to, but you know you're probably going to have to at some point. You just have to make sure that Peter Andre isn't there with a video camera when you do.

Naturally you're welcome to show. Please say hello. No-one says hello to me in my blogging capacity nearly enough...

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helen said...

hi kenny,
arbroath was great, the weans loved it too. memories of saltires flying and the smell of burning, more than made up for the hangover! got some great pics, but mainly family shots. i'll try to forward what i've got from arbroath, glencoe, and annie pies pics fae the burns do.
message to all lurkers......come along to the next one, you don't know what you're missing.