Monday, April 30, 2007

If you tolerate this... then your children will be next

" Or like the snow falls in the river,
A moment white-then melts for ever;
Or like the Borealis race,
That flit ere you can point their place;
Or like the Rainbow's lovely form
Evanishing amid the storm. -
Nae man can tether Time nor Tide,
The hour approaches Tam maun ride..."
from Robert Burns - Tam O' Shanter

I've been here before. If the Pro-independentistas fall on friday night, I can already hear the tears and the anger. I can witness the hate against a unionist press. The press don't care, they are merely doing the jobs their bosses pay them for. I guess they don't realise how much independence means to those who believe in it.

I joined the SNP after the 1992 general election, because I was angry that "Scotland Free by '93" didn't happen. The first meeting I went to was only bearly quorate and there wasn't a great deal to do because the election was done and we were merely mopping up afterwards. I remember a list of people who didn't turn up at the meeting who hadn't bothered to send apologies. I didn't know them, and I wouldn't get to know them. They wouldn't bother returning to the Condorrat SNP while I was there.

And on Friday, I get to witness this madness again. Maybe, just maybe, the SNP will get in. Maybe the pro-indy vote will finally charge the fields of paper and council bureaucracy to finally go legit.

But the kicker is, that if we don't, we been campaigning so long we forgot that we are just flesh in blood inside. We forget that if the result doesn't go our way, some of our friends are going home and we won't see them again. Maybe that's the case for us, maybe that's the case for the Labour Party. We forget how much losing hurts because it matters so so much.

So, friday for me means one of either two things: one, partying like never before because once, JUST ONCE! we are ONE STEP closer to freeing our people. Or two: counting the dead from another lost election.

This is why I joined Siol nan Gaidheal and the SRSM, because IF the bad results come in, I know I'm going to see the same faces I did before the count started.

But how can be a doom-monger? That's patently pointless given the polls. Lets be clear: only a MAJOR screw up or MAJOR screw job can fuck the SNP up now.

You can list our oppressors crimes in an encyclopedia; you can list the things they haven't done in a library. This is the most egocentric election you have ever faced. Will you watch your country go down the fucking toilet and vote unionist one more time? Just in case...

No. VOTE INDEPENDENCE and believe in the future.


rpollock said...

Whatever the result, the SNP have been successful again in dragging more people away from supporting the union, and the youngest voters are the most nationalist.

This year, in four years, eight years or whenever, independence will happen... We've won the arguments.

Firefox said...

Absolutely. Also if pro-indy partyies DO win, there's also a referendum push required, sooner or later!