Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Vote Independence - Quotes...

Man... I'm a Blog machine this week... Every day so far.

So... Indy quotes. I figured that since I was too busy doing stuff that I wouldn't ACTUALLY go out and seek real quotes for Independence. I'd make them up instead. If you particularly want to see one on the internet, that's what the comment function is for.

William Wallace: I can't believe you thought I looked like that fucking Australian. Shouting "You missed one at the back!" during Braveheart does NOT make you a patriot! Dear god Barbie... try and at least TALK to someone about Independence this side of the election so that deep down (deep deep down) you feel as if you took part.

Robert T Bruce: 'Tis better to win, than to take part. So... here's a tip from Scotland's best machiavellian King (on AND off the park). If your blonde co-worker is bitching about Independence and you can't persuade her: don't keep wasting your time, get your sister - cousin to use her vote. Also, instead of going postal against Labour Party politicians, why not do stuff like say you were a lifelong labour voter... but NOT NOW! Because of the War in Iraq, your local hospital being shut down or because of the Council Tax. Be subtle... make them feel bad!

Andrew De Moray: Okay, so you've graduated from being a 90 minute Freedom Fighter at Hampden to being a nine-week Nat during the election. But this is about committment to the cause. Think about Bannockburn people... (which I missed because of a slight case of death) If people had gone home after the game then we wouldn't be free. We needed the committment of 1320... And the committment to get us through the Second War of Independence.... Or the Committment to hide the REAL stone of Destiny... (on that point, me and Wallace took the black carved marble rock to an Inn and Dundee and... jeez... we got so drunk me and Wallace made "Mad Maeve fae Dumbarton" Queen of Scotland for thirteen whole minutes!

Mirren: Could someone tell Billy his tea's on the table?

Wendy Wood: Could one of you losers make sure my Lion Rampant gets back up on Stirling Castle when Independence is declared? Incidentally, sisters across Scotland fought for the right to vote, not so that you could bitch about how you had no one to vote for, but because we wanted to give you a chance to make a difference for all of us. Even spoiling your ballot paper makes a difference. Staying at home does nothing. All reasons why are merely excuses. THIS IS YOUR TIME TO BE HEARD.

Thomas Muir: There's a big world out there waiting to recognise YOU as a people in your own right. I know you're scared, I know everyone is saying that it can't work... But I'm not asking you to trust me. I'm asking you to believe in yourself for ONE ELECTION. Just one, because that's all it takes...

Okay.. me again... Right, so those people aren't speaking from the grave, and I'm using humour to make a political point. But since I get a SHITLOAD of readers and very few comments I thought you might listen to the dead more than you listen to me.

It just takes a day to make things better. Just one.

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