Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bannockburn Reloaded

I've been reliably informed that the Bannockburn Rally date has changed... again.

Jesus, it's had more dates than me this year (emails to... erm... )

Anyway, to the point in question. According a "source" the date of the March and Rally is now the 16th because:

"NTS refused to allow access to the field on the 23rd, so the YSI's original choice was the 30th, however it seems that will be the official opening of the Scottish Parliament for this session and so MSP's would be unable to attend. "
Still, at least on or all of those weekends someone will be up to something on Bannockburn Field. As far as I'm aware though, the major shindig in the Tartan Arms is still ON for the 23rd, and so your humble narrator will definitely be at that one.

I've just noticed that this blog is in danger of becoming a useful source of information. Therefore, here is a random picture from Jacobiker:


roberttennant said...

hi kenny,

tell me more about the stone.


Firefox said...

I'll ask Jaco...