Saturday, May 12, 2007

American views on Independence

Figured I should, at least, pass on this slice of Americana regarding the recent Scottish Elections. I'm sure you'll probably understand that I was wanting to move back to the weird and slightly artsy shinto that floats my boat in between important Scottish political events (like elections and referendums...)

Also, can anyone tell me about the poster I placed to the left of this post? Picked it up in Glasgow and dunno what it's about?

Answers to:


Fanning the Flames of Freedom

May 12, 2007—Last weekend the Scottish people did something many said they never would do. For many years the flames of independence have spread, but Scots have been discouraged from continuing such a pursuit. They have been told that independence is impractical, ridiculous and even impossible. However, last weekend, many showed via the ballot box that they have had enough of the so-called United Kingdom.

Despite that Scots have shown they wish to be an independent nation once more, by taking a first step in that direction. The enemies of Scottish freedom are still attempting to hijack last weekend’s election. The European media outlets, political organizations and others are trying to claim that such an election was a fraud. That the Scottish people would never think about independence. Such claims are proverbial slaps in the faces of the Scottish people.

We, the members of the Jefferson Republican Party of the United States of America, congratulate the Scottish people and the Scottish Nationalist Party for their recent victory, and this important step towards independence, which they have achieved. After 300 years of London-based dominance, is very significant, and is a sign of greater things to come for the Scottish people.

Jefferson Republican Party of the United States of America
William Potter
Noah Cooke
Ray Perdue