Thursday, May 17, 2007


Thanks to the Maryhill Mob for this wee Bannockburn Update...

Hi Kenny,

Want me to make your day!!

An English person named A Corley went into work on Monday and was confronted with a barrage of phone calls and e-mails objecting to turning a commemoration into a money making operation.

So she checked with her boss and was told to apply to the council, under the Scottish land reform act section 11, for an exclusion order.

I contacted the acces officer for stirling Alison Perry and got a reply back saying NTS had applied for an axclusion order YESTERDAY AND IT’S NO BEEN GRANTED YET!!! Daft English cow. So we’re no too late.

Please get on your blog and punt this info for all it’s worth. Get everyone to contact Alison perry and voice an objection.

Bet you’ve got a big cheesy grin on your face. Don’t you just love living in Scotland!

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