Sunday, June 10, 2007


Okay. Friday. We liked Friday. Friday was most cool.

Firstly two incredible things happened. One: I got notification that my Novel was being sent to me in proof format. Secondly: my Kilt arrived and damnit... the feckin' thing fits.

Therefore, I'm now a published novelist with a Kilt. This, in most respects, makes me happy.

And then I went to a works night out. Various cools things happened at said night out, but the main problem was that some people seemed to get it into their heads that I was interested in work shinto.

Let me be clear on this: when fate conspires to meld Firefox with Alcohol at a "shindig" then he OFFICIALLY doesn't give a crap about work shinto. In fact, let me be the first to provide you with what the "official" position actually is.

1. Your work shinto has been officially labelled "blah blah"
2. Please write your "blah blah" on a sheet of A4 paper.
3. Fold your "blah blah" into an envelope.
4. Address your "blah blah" to "Blah Blah Administrator, 89 Blah Blah House, Blahblahtown, Govan, Glasgow, Scotland, G67 3BB"
5. Fanks very much.

Does that clear things up?


Anonymous said...

Very Well Done to you Sir!

Leo : )

Firefox said...

Cheers L,